That Moment

Today felt like the end of the welcome party. I stood in my room after class and felt the metaphorical balloons deflating, the streamers on the ground. The initial excitement is gone, yet so much of the year remains.
It is at this very moment when the real work begins, the point where the momentum provided by the hill glides to a slow stop, when you look up and see the mountain.


2 thoughts on “That Moment

  1. Humbled. I, am there. The scale of the needs so massive and my…me, just me. There is no toolbox of tricks to draw from. No banner to wrap ’round it. It takes soul to dance this dance and find that some days, I might be the only one in the room, ready to learn. Sad but true. Twila, you are precious and we are the lucky ones.
    PS Decided on my Halloween costume-nurse (psychiatric) sssssshhhhh

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